How to disinfect hairbrushes and combs?

How often you clean your hairbrushes and combs? This is one of those frequent questions which you can notice in the internet forums. But to answer this question it all depends on the products you are using on your hair. Most of the people don’t know the importance of cleaning the hairbrushes and combs, to help them in knowing about it and to help the people who are looking for the ways to disinfect hair brushes and combs here the things are explained go through them and acquire the knowledge on it.

Why disinfecting hairbrushes and combs are important?

Hair is one of those very sensitive parts of the body and this is the place where dirt and debris are getting settled down, in that case, think how important cleaning them. Likewise cleaning your scalp cleaning the things like brushes and combs which you are using on them is also very much important to maintain their health. 

More than it you will be using some of the products on your hair to style them or make use of coconut-like oil bases on them to make them settle for styling them and it also sticks on to your comb and brushes. In that case, when you didn’t clean them periodically it distributes oil to your hair and spoils its look. Sometimes it may also lead to infections so better disinfect them in between proper intervals. 

Ways to disinfect your hairbrushes and combs

clean your hairbrushesThe most recommended way to disinfect your hairbrushes and comb is by putting them inside the hot water which is contained with vinegar and dish wash soap. Leave them at least for 5-10 minutes through this automatically the dust and dirt attached to the brushes and comb get removed and also the microbial content in them gets destroyed by the heat reaction. Then you can remove them from the water and wipe them with a towel.

Hot water with soda, like the hot water plus vinegar this is also one of those effective ways to disinfect your hairbrushes and comb. The soda naturally has dirt removal and anti-bacterial activity so that can helps you in disinfecting your hair tools. 

Like washing your scalp washing, the hair tools like hairbrushes and combs are also very important and here this cleaning hairbrushes guide can give you hands-on cleaning them so read them to get knowledge of them.

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