dreadlocks hairstyles

Dreadlocks for hair: Things to be known before you get your dreadlock done

Dreadlocks are becoming one of the most trended hairstyles of all time these days though the trend keeps changing there is a huge craze for it. A healthy headlock that protects your hair from external exposure and pollution is typically a good choice. Dreadlocks hairstyles mostly black people go for even though it is a long-time process, find more info on this page. Healthy hair will be the key factor in dreadlock hairstyle as it cannot be done a thin or shoer hair. Celebrities are trying to pull off the dreadlock looks these days with any gender discrimination.

Though there are few good sides like protecting hair from breakage and damage or keeping it away from chemical exposure still there are few effects that might make give a second thought.

Undone dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are like a permanent hairstyle where only cutting them down is the only way to change the look. But these days salons and stylists offer different ways to undone your dreadlocks but sometimes they are accidentally undone and that’s it opens up the whole set. Many say that dreadlocks hairstyles ruin your hair because initially, they might protect hair but later it creates damage in scalp hair strands. As if you use too much conditioner on hair for softening your locks it only damages hair.

Hair growth

Growing your hair becomes a big question mark if you have styled your hair to a deadlock’s hairstyle. As they prevent hair from growing which is something everyone would never want to try it on. Twisting and styling the dreadlocks damage your hair and eventually prevent the hair from growing. Initially, it will protect against hair damage to the inner hair but twisting hair and locks can break the hair strands after some time. It sometimes makes the new hair growth process to be thinner and severe hair loss.

Hair length is not the same

The dreadlocks are not straightened hairs or curls they are hair strands twisted and rolled hair strands and sometimes crotched to make locks. The different types of locks need different timing to get it done. As you see the longer your hair is the lesser it looks in dreadlocks the hair appears to have a half or even the quarter length of your original hair length. Some people get their locks done permanently and few even maintain that hairstyle for even months and years can shorten the hair life.

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