How to protect yourself from mosquitoes while camping?

Summer is coming soon and it is time to plan for camping. It is an ultimate escape from `city life. The camping area helps you to change your mindset from work pressure. Enjoying all fresh air and it belongs with nature also comes with some pesky insects like mosquitoes that can potentially ruin your lovely trip with your family members. Here are some tips to protect yourself from mosquitoes while camping.

Choose the right clothes

In the time of camping, clothing is a primary shield that is against the bites of insects. You need to make sure to wear perfect clothes to protect yourself from insect bites. You can also get the camping gear before you head out to camping trips. The camping gear is one of the great ways to keep bugs away; gear includes cotton long-sleeved, loose fit shirts and loose pants.

insect repellents

The mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors, so you must wear tight clothes. The camping gears are not nice to look, but tucking pants into your socks protect you when you are taking walk-in wilderness. So you need to ensure your clothes for camping.

Insect repellents

You can use insect repellents because it is the easiest and effective way to protect you from the mosquito itches. The waterproof product of insect repellents is staying power too long laster in-between applications. Choose the best insect repellents that are suited for your skin type. You can also spray the repellents on your camping gear, shoes, hat to keep away mosquitoes. Some insect repellents are specially designed for the purpose of camping. So if you are going camping then you must see the purpose of repellent and then buy it.


Pick right spot

When going camping, you need to choose a campsite with a good breeze and it will naturally help you to keep away bugs. Ensure that the campsites do not have any standing water. The mosquitoes are never travelled too far from the water standing place which is their breeding space. Before you choose the campsite, you need to see if your campsite is receiving a lot of sun.

Wear clean socks

Sometimes, the bad smells come from your socks. It can actually be a significant attractor of mosquitoes. You should bring enough socks with you that will keep your feet dry for an entire trip of camping. Better you sprinkle baby powder into your socks after you wear it for the best results.

Are you planning for camping? Follow the above-mentioned tips to protect yourself from mosquitoes while camping.

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